Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau was founded in 1912 by Renzo Frau. The company name combines the Italian word for armchair, “Poltrona” and “Frau,” the last name of its founder. Noted for their exhaustive quality standards, the company uses a 21-step leather tanning process, where the full-grain leather is dyed through, so a surface scratch won’t reveal a lining underneath. Pelle Frau® leather is only “admitted” to the production process after it has passed a series of tests in the Poltrona Frau laboratories. 95% of Poltrona Frau’s products are made by hand. Though the firm is internationally renowned for its products for the living area, its impressive range also covers the dining room and bedroom zones. Poltrona Frau boasts a century’s worth of collaborations with the world’s finest designers such as Carlo Colombo, Gio Ponti, Jean-Marie Massaud, Roberto Lazzeroni and many others.

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